What is Perlgonit?

What is a “Pearlgonite”?

Pearlgonites” are made of beads and wire. The beads in a Pearlgonite are geometrically arranged. Usually Pearlgonites are similar to a sphere. Subtle crystals are inserted into the Pearlgonite. The exact position of the crystals arises as a result of the Pearlgonite’s geometrical shape. If you would put the identical subtle crystals into the same beads and wires, e.g. a chain instead of the geometrical shape, they would only have a small fraction of their efficiency. The efficiency is caused by the Pearlgonite’s geometrical shape. The “bead object” itself is just the carrier of the necessary 3D geometry. Because of the coherence between the 3D geometry and the subtle crystal’s efficiency, we recommend you to find a place for the Pearlgonite, where a deformation of the Pearlgonite is preempted. If you don’t have the possibility to find a safe place for the Pearlgonite, we can ingrain the Pearlgonite in artificial resin.

There are two different kinds of Pearlgonites: The big rhombicuboctahedron (an Archimedean shape) resting upon octagons (eight-sided figures) and the pentagonal dodecahedron (a Platonic body) resting upon pentagons (five-sided figures).

The octagonal Pearlgonite’s (made with 72 beads) peculiarity is, that the six octagons of this big rhombicuboctahedron form a 3-dimensional cross. A subtle crystal is installed in each of these 48 beads. Based on the geometrical arrangement, the crystals interact with each other, which leads onto an extremely high efficiency. The octagonal shape is really important, because it works with the, so called, grassroot grid, which has an octagonal structure itself.

The pentagonal Pearlgonite is made with 30 beads. It’s made of 12 equilateral pentagons. 22 geometrically arranged subtle crystals are integrated into the Pearlgonite, to emit the energies optimally. In its mechanical structure, the pentagonal Pearlgonite is tougher than the octagonal Pearlgonite. Small pentagonal Pearlgonites are suitable for taking them with you. E.g. they are on key rings. 

Pearlgonite Orgonite

This Pearlgonite offers you a 100% cleaning of harmful energies within a cruising radius of approx. 230 metres (754,6 ft.) on 18 levels, higher levels are included. The energetic cleaning works similar to the energetic cleaning of a customary Orgonite. The only difference is that the Orgonite only works with “Orgon” energy, whereas the Pearlgonite emits different energies, depending on their use. The Orgonite function should be installed in an octagonal Pearlgonite. The Orgonite function could be installed into a pentagonal Pearlgonite too, but there it only has 14% of its efficiency compared to the octagonal Pearlgonite.

Pearlgonite New Lotos

The energetic cleaning happens similarly to chanting in Lotos Buddhism (Nichiren Daishonins), but in that case the cleaning happens continuously and it has a positive effect on all people in the Pearlgonite’s cruising radius. Compared to chanting, 11-times more cleaning procedures are applied, but the environment won’t be cleaned as contrasted with chanting.


Pearlgonite Shield Set

This shield set insists of four octagonal Pearlgonites (7cm [2,75 inch] each). The shield set blocks off from negative energies in 18 levels within the inner zone, which arises with a correct arrangement of the single elements of the shield set. The protection zone’s interior is formed by triangles. E.g. if you arrange the shield set in a quadratic shape, it will form four triangular protection zones in its interior. You should notice, that negative energies which are already within the protection zone, can be blocked off partly only. The energies will be limited to the triangular protection zone, in which these energies are located, but they can’t be blocked within it. If you want to block off a flat from dark energies, which hasn’t got a rectangular plot, you should notice to avoid public places, like the staircase, for arranging the shield set. At such places, third parties could introduce unwittingly negative energies. You can add a random number of “Shield Pearlgonites” to your shield set for generating a perfect energetic atmosphere. Negative energies with cling onto a person will be removed and neutralized, when this person enters the protection area. Furthermore, all negative energetic connections will be capped through the shield set. The permitted distance between two Pearlgonites within a triangle is maximum 100 metres (328 ft.). For example in a square configuration of 4 Pearlgonites is the maximal possible shielding is 4.900 square meters (at the maximum distance of 70 meters between each two Pearlgonites).

Pearlgonite Energy

This “Pearlgonite” emits positive energies to the environment within a cruising radius of approximately 20 metres (65,5 ft.) in 18 dimensions. In delivery condition, the Pearlgonite emits 3 kinds of energy, which are working at 10% of their maximum efficiency. For increasing the efficiency, you just have to make a spoken order to the Pearlgonite. The Pearlgonite can emit 431 positive kinds of energy. The easiest way to use the other energies, is to make an order to the Pearlgonite, to determine the ideal energies for the desired purpose. The Pearlgonite will emit the determined energies immediately. The range for the personal energy load accounts for approximately 8 metres (26,2 ft.). The maximum number of people, who can become supplied with energy, is 3. The Pearlgonite only conducts positive orders by its owner. Conscious and unconscious orders by its owner won’t be conducted.

What is a Magnonite?

A Magnonite is cleaning the 19th level, respectively, what you call “physical world”. Energies of outer/higher levels aren’t allowed and not able to interact with the physical level (our so called 3D world). Yet there are lots of negative energies on our 19th level. These energies were adapted to the 19th level, but they are not a part of it. That is having the effect, that these negative energies can directly influence the 19th level. On the other hand, you cannot clean or eliminate these dark energies without higher energies. That is the reason why the cleaning energies have to be modified correlatively for working on the 19th level. This modification is implemented by the magnets, which are integrated into the Magnonite. The Magnonites generate a carrier wave. The necessary energies will cling onto the carrier wave. Because of that modification, the cleaning energies will be able to work on our level.

These carrier waves can be made by other systems with the aid of other energies too, e.g. sound bowls, bells or radioactivity. These systems are often used to spread negative energies with 3D status. Often without the person’s knowledge, who means to use it for positive purpose. 

All of our Pearlgonites and Magnonites contain healing crystals as standard. You can find further information on our webpage. 

All Pearlgonites and Magnonites are reacting on their owner’s assignments. These assignments have to be spoken, e.g. requested range and methods.

Pearlgonites are available in different sizes.


Octagonal Pearlgonites: 7 cm (2,75 inch), 6 cm (2,36 inch) and 5 cm (1,97 inch)
Pentagonal Pearlgonites: 5 cm (1,97 inch), 4 cm (1,57 inch), 3 cm (1,18 inch), 2,6 cm (1 inch), 1,6 cm (0,63 inch)

The Pearlgonite’s sizes do not have any influence on their efficiency.

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